At Warehouse Hotel you can still see tree bark on wood planks. Or recognize an old workbench and oil drums made into a design kitchen. Assembling used materials and designing Warehouse Hotel locations is what owner and inventor Taco loves to do.

As a young, creative entrepreneur formerly owning a moving company he started collecting unique furniture and raw materials that people gave away when moving. Waste is no waste – it’s fun to see a different purpose in objects. Whether it’s old clocks, tools or doors, Taco has an aesthetic eye for materials he can upcycle into new design.


He started creating unique industrial group apartments in 2013, since he got more and more group requests for his houseboats.
Warehouse Hotel turns travelling to Amsterdam with a bunch of friends into an advantage. No more group lounging in a regular, tiny hotel room. Our industrial Warehouses give you the space to spend time with your friends.

So apart from bedrooms and handmade design showers, there’s always a large communal space to enjoy cooking, dining and playing together. As a passionate owner and host, Taco aims to provide you a carefree and inspirational stay. The cool industrial area of Amsterdam North adds to a sense of freedom and creativity. With us, your trip to Amsterdam will be unforgettable.