Keeping the planet green and healthy is very important to Warehouse Hotel. Recycled materials get a new purpose. And green energy is used but also created.

Our efforts to be a green host are:

  • Using 100 % green power
  • Compensating CO2 of gas use by tree planting
  • Generating electricity by wind and/or solar power on each location
  • Building and decorating with recycled materials (they have more character too)
  • Lighting the place with energy saving light bulbs (spaarlampen) and LED bulbs
  • Towel rental service [LINK NAAR die PARAGRAAF OP PAGINA ‘PRACTICAL INFO’] to encourage guests to either re-use their own towels more than once, or to use Warehouse Hotel towels more consciously.
    It saves the planet a lot of washing.


Kitchen cupboards made of oil drums. A large shower cabin made from recycled old ship metal. Each Warehouse Hotel apartment is unique and feels original. Why stay in a standard interchangeable hotel room if you can have this one-of-a-kind experience?

Owner and inventor Taco used old workshop materials as the basis of all design. It’s rusty and rough but all smoothly finished. And it’s good for the planet: waste is no waste. Old objects get a new life – who knows they can bring up new ideas, thoughts and options as well!